STAPS is a Business Process Management firm providing outsourced solutions to legal and financial service companies. We help our clients reduce backlog and save money by managing critical, time-sensitive legal and financial processes. Our offshore team of highly-skilled data analysts and IT specialists are ready to serve as your second task force for accurate and reliable account analysis, monitoring and processing.



  • Access to a fast, efficient and highly-skilled financial services task force.
  • Proven success in developing innovative productivity solutions.
  • Strong recruiter and team builder.
  • Expertise in data processing.
  • Commitment to transparency, quality, continuous improvement, and integrity.

Legal Process Outsourcing

What would you do with a 50% cost savings on account analysis, monitoring and processing? We provide your back-office staff to analyze, organize, and streamline the documents that your institution collects

Mortgage Servicing

Service mortgages faster. STAPS provides innovative, cost-effective solutions to shorten turnaround times and increase productivity of your mortgage servicing operation.

Financial Services

STAPS helps financial institutions focus on their primary line of business and increase productivity by providing back office process management for loans and mortgages.

Digital Services

We provide IT solutions to business firms in maintaining their database, increasing software functionality for their back office, provide analytics and introduce software automation solutions.

Data Management

Every successful customer interaction comes down to high-quality, well-integrated data. STAPS empowers you to improve, integrate and govern your data to improve margins and productivity.

Back-Office Support

Reinvent your business and add more value to your time by outsourcing the complex and time-consuming processes. STAPS provides customized solutions to economically manage information by enhancing productivity and reducing cost.

Our Background


STAPS was formed in the year 2016 in Texas. We offer various BPO solutions. Qualified and experienced talents are sourced and used from all over the world to reduce work delivery time, increase performance and deliver premium service to the customer. The company has been formed with the vision of assisting firms to save costs, increase efficiency and introduce advanced technology to broaden the customers capacity in most fields. Members of the Board consists of experience in the Banking, Investment and various other business fields.

What We Do


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